Cake flavours?

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Cake flavours?
For an unique birthday celebration (besides delicious chocolate and vanilla) something various



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red velour, pineapple inverted, german delicious chocolate [yummy] strawberry and lemon with lotion cheese frosting.almond chiffon!!!

truthfully, I like nut flavorful cakes!


I like hazelnut!

hazelnut cake with delicious chocolate ganache (it would certainly resemble nutella!!)

Strawberry and lemon with lotion cheese appears outstanding!


— Chocolate cake

— Spice cake or carrot cake.

— Lemon cake;- with a buttercream& & lemon curd dental filling and a lemon enthusiasm & & coconut frozen covering.

— strawberry? banana? seasoning? cherry? lemon? why are you restricting your ideas to delicious chocolate and vanilla when there are many much better tastes offered either in cake blends or in removes to be included in dishes?

— chilli:–RRB-