Brown sugar red jujube & walnut bread preserves your health

Just as the name implies, today’s brown sugar red jujube & walnut bread is made of red jujube and brown sugar and walnut, which are commonly seen ingredients with high nutrition. During the course of baking, the whole house is full of both sweetness and aroma of red jujube that make all the kids‘ mouth water.

brown sugar red jujube & walnut bread

Efficacies of walnuts

Walnuts are a sort of food that can keep people in good health. No matter kids or adults, they are good foods which are able to strengthen people’s health and make people’s face red healthily and blood circulation normally. Further still, to eat walnuts routinely can supplement the lost brain cells. Particularly, people who are mental workers and kids shall eat more everyday.

Efficacies of red jujube

Previously, we have talked about how to make red jujube cake, also we have talked about the efficacies of red jujube. And let’s talk about it again right there. Due to the high contement of nutrients, so that red jujube could protect the liver. As well as increase the detoxification of the liver. What is more, red jujube contains rich vitamin B, which is able to improve the circulation of the blood. And it works great to human people’s skin and hair. In particular, red jujube is able to improve our stomach and kidney, which makes our hair uneasy to lose, and easy to keep in black color.

Recipe for brown sugar red jujube & walnut bread


Bread powder                   270g

Brown sugar                     35g

White sugar                     20g

Egg liquid                      20g

Butter                          20g

Red jujube                      30g

Walnuts                        30g

Salt                             2g

Fresh yeast                       6g

Water                          150g

Procedures Ⅰ:

  1. Dice

Wash red jujube clean and remove the cores. And then, dice all of them. The next step is to dice all the walnuts and get ready to use.

  1. Blend

Blend brown sugar and water into a container; next, heat them until the sugar is melted.


  1. Add

First and foremost, add 90 percent of brown sugar water (keep 10g or so in reserve), white sugar, egg liquid and salt orderly. Second, add in powder and top them with fresh yeast.

  1. Bread machine

Put the container (bread barrel) into the bread machine. Start the bread machine with wind program, and then, after the mixture begins to take shape like a dough. As well, use your hands to fell the hardness of the dough, and then, add in the left 10 percent brown sugar water.

bread machine

  1. Butter

Add butter at the time when it becomes to present thin films after dragging it with your hands.

Procedures Ⅱ:

  1. Mix

Blend the dough until it is able to drag out thin films, following the previous steps, add in red jujube and walnut dices and mix them evenly.

  1. Ferment

Cover the bread barrel with a wet tower due to that it could prevent the dough from too dry, and ferment the dough until it is two times bigger than before.


  1. Loosen

Take out the dough and exhaust the extra air, then following, separate the dough into 9 pieces and loosen them under the room temperature for 15 minutes, lastly, roll them up into round balls and put them into the oven.

  1. Into the oven

Put the pan into the oven and place a pan of water under the breads, next, ferment them for the second time.

  1. Brush

Ferment the breads until they are 2 times bigger than before, at that time, take out the pan and brush all of the breads with egg liquid.

  1. Bake

Heat the oven to 356 F degrees and bake for 20 – 25 minutes.

  1. Serve

Last but not the least, take them out and enjoy eating after utterly cooling down.



  1. Better mix brown sugar with water and heat; this is because that sugar will clot if you don’t do that.
  2. If the effect is not good after starting the bread machine, try to start the bread machine the second time, until the dough is shaped well.
  3. Adjust the temperature and time according your actual situation because Neither the oven nor the room temperature is the same in different homes and places.

red jujube & walnut bread

Conclusion for brown sugar red jujube & walnut bread

All in all, this recipe is coming out of my usual experience, and I think that if you follow the recipe carefully, you can bake a plate of delicious brown sugar red jujube & walnut breads. No matter how, to eat lonely or to serve them to your family members or guests, believe it or not, you will definitely harvest so many praises for such a good dessert.