Bread-making question?

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I ' ve made cake and brownie blends a number of times, and I ' ve made one or 2 dishes that blended those with flour making something, yet I ' ve never ever made bread prior to. I ' m checking out this dish, and the dough has actually appeared actually sticky, It ' s difficult to work as it is currently, it ' s adhering to the board and my hands a great deal. Just what should I do? Include much more flour? I wear ' t wan na include as well much to transform the dish. I ' m not making use of a stand mixer btw.
Also any kind of basic recommendations and pointers as a BQ would certainly behave ^ ^



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Keep working in flour a pair tbsps each time up until it is no more sticky. Maintained at it as it will certainly take a number of added dosages of flour – as long as you are working in each application of flour you will certainly deficient as well completely dry – it will certainly begin to obtain flexible and stretchy without sticking – after that simply knead for 10 mins and allow it increase.

BTW – MUCH far better to include flour than to aim to include fluid – so the flour will certainly operate in the dough well and it ought to appear simply penalty.


— Yes. You ' ve reached utilize even more flour. Damp your hands (wet), that aids, bread flour aids, likewise if you could locate a dough hook add-on for your tiny hand mixer, those come in handy. Knead it in the dish as opposed to counter, much less tidy up. Following time begin the working prior to you include every one of the rationed flour, after that include even more as it obtains stickier. As long as the dough structure is right, the bread will certainly appear great despite having the included flour. Dash in a couple of decreases of water if it ever before obtains so completely dry you could ' t job it in.

— Yes, simply spray with flour and maintain functioning it in til the dough is smooth and flexible. This is instead typical in bread.

— Yeah, simply include even more flour. Occasionally I obtain my biscuit dough as well damp and it looks after the trouble conveniently. It ' s not mosting likely to harm a point.

— include even more flour (it will not result it) and simply knead. ultimately it must end up being much less sticky