Blueberry&Pineapple Cake–Yummy Snack Killing Your Leisure Time

“I have a pen, I have a pineapple, pineapple pen!” The song of PPAP is now sweeping the world. But, today, we are not going to talk about this song, we are going to talk about how to make blueberry&pineapple cake, which is a sort of dessert that many people like very much, no matter enjoy themselves or give others as gifts, people will choose pineapple cake as an ideal dessert.

Blueberry&Pineapple Cake

Efficacies of blueberry&pineapple cake

Of the blueberry. First, enhance the immune system. Scientists discover that blueberry contains antioxidants that are far more than other fresh fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants are able to neutralize the free radicals in our bodies, so as to improve the immune system. Second, beneficial to the heart health. The nutrients that are available to help blood vessels expand in blueberry are likely to improve the function of our heart. Third, lose weight, especially the belly. The polyphenols in blueberry are able to decompose belly fat, further help control weight. In addition, blueberry is low in calories that lead to keep fit.

Of the pineapple. First and foremost, pineapple is able to help losing weight. The secret lies in the rich juice. The rich juice in pineapple is effectively able to help fat acidolysis. So, it is no doubt that pineapple helps losing weight. Second, pineapple is likely to help resolving digestion and absorption. It is because of the bromelain in pineapple can effectively break down the proteins in food, and at the same time improve the gastrointestinal peristalsis. Third, pineapple works to improve blood circulation. That means to say, pineapple is able to reduce the blood pressure and dilute the blood fat. Fourth, it has been scientifically testified that the bromelain in pineapple can effectively relieve the pain of throat and decrease the frequency of coughs.

Recipe of blueberry&pineapple cake


For the crust:   Butter                        115g

Sugar powder                  30g

Salt                        1 teaspoon

Egg                                   36g

Plain flour                    135g

Milk powder                    55g

For the filling:  Peeled pineapple                 350g

Peeled & seeds removed wax gourd   700g

Maltose                                   50g

Sugar                                     50g

Dried blueberry                  80g


For the filling:

Peel off the pineapple and dice them.

Wrap the pineapple with gauze and extrude juice. Put the juice aside for later use.

Chop the pineapple into minces.

Peel off and removed the seeds of the wax gourd. Next, boil the wax gourd with water until transparent and soft.

Dry the wax gourd and squeeze out the extra water. And then, chop the wax gourd into minces.

Mix the maltose, sugar and pineapple juice and heat them while stirring the mixture evenly until melted.

Add in pineapple and wax gourd minces and fry them continuously with medium fire.

Fry the mixture until the juice dry and the surface golden and brown.

Cool the filling and blend the dried blueberries that are softened by warm water and dried.

for the filling

For the crust:

Soften the butter and add in sugar powder, then, blend them with a scraper.

Beat the mixture until it looks like feathers that turn into white gray color, next, add in egg liquid per 3 times and each time mix until utterly absorbed. And the butter right now is very fluffy.

Sift the plain flour and milk powder into the butter.

Blend evenly but not over, for the over-blending would get a lot of lumps.

for the crust

For the combination:

Take out a mold; and you can decide how much the percentage of crust and filling by your own mold. The mold I used is about 35g, and the crust and filling I used is a half-and-half. The crust should be thin if add no blueberries, but if you add blueberries, the thin crust would be easy to get broken.

Flat a crust in your hand and put the filling into the crust (4 -5 dried blueberries for each filling).

Wrap the crust tightly with your thumb and index finger. Then, roll it up into round balls.

for the combination

For the bake:

Cover a silver paper on the oven, and put on a pineapple cake, and then cover it with the mold.

Flat the surface and make all the pineapples in this same way.

In order to make the two sides of the pineapple flat, I covered the upper layer with a silver paper too, and place an oven on the pineapple cake, by this way; the pineapple will present a regular shape.

Preheat the oven for 338 F degrees, and bake for 15 minutes, after that, place them cool and de-mold easily.

for the bake

Tips for Blueberry&Pineapple Cake

  1. When calculating the percentage of the crust and the filling into the mold, just remember that the mold should not be filled full. The reason is because that the crust is fluffy after baking, so that there should be 2mm space left to the edge, and at the same time, the ratio of the crust and the filling can be adjusted according to the ingredients you have prepared.
  2. The hot pineapple cakes are crispy like cookies, but if you seal them for overnight, the crust would melt in your mouth just because of the better fuse of the filling and the crust.