Best way too store cupcakes covered in butter cream?

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Best method also keep cupcakes covered in butter lotion?
am developing a cake for my grandmas 80 th, component of the style are cupcakes covered in cosy butter lotion as clouds. I put on ' t recognize exactly how they ' re going to make it through the lengthy automobile trip up there!



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DON ' T FREEZE THEM! I spoke with the woman that runs Wraggamuffins in London regarding this as she made me cupcakes which I required to Paris.

Selina informed me that you ' re not meant to place buttercream in the refrigerator and most definitely not the fridge freezer. It will certainly take shape and go hard.

Freezing is great if you ' re re-whipping it, however you ' re not.

Just maintain them secured in a closed container and see to it they ' re in a trendy area, from straight sunshine, whatsoever times.

Take some added buttercream with you in containers, in situation you should “” deal with”” them at the various other end. Selina did this for me however I followed her suggestions and the cupcakes made it intact, so I reached simply consume the buttercream the various other end:–RRB-


— Freeze them, take them out prior to you leave, place in a trendy box with solidified carbon dioxide packs.

If you put on ' t have a trendy box, freeze them in package they ' re taking a trip in, take it out prior to leaving and cover package in a number of layers of aluminum foil … freeze that also.

You obtain like a … condensation on it when it defrosts if you have time prior to you require the cake do the butter topping fresh due to the fact that although it does ice up.

— Well, depending upon how much time the drive is, would certainly it make even more feeling to end up the decor when you arrived? Or else, box it up safely, maintain it as trendy as you could – the trunk could be a much better alternative for traveling and protect the plan so it doesn ' t move.

— Put them in a container secured with Saran cover and after that placed them in a cooler with some ice