Best Formula Of Chiffon Cake With 100% Success Rate

I’ve tried many times making chiffon cake using different ways, however, not all time succeed. After so many attempts and a few failures, I have concluded a best formula for making chiffon cake with utterly 100% success rate. And, this is a recipe for a 8 inch cake, but if you want to make a 6 inch cake, just cut the ingredients in half. And I like chiffon cake with less sweetness, add 10g sugar additionally if you like eating desserts with dense sweetness. Also, at the end, I concluded some methods to solve the commonly seen problems that happened during the procedures of making chiffon cake.

chiffon cake

Efficacies of chiffon cake

As it is known to all, the main ingredients of cake are flour, eggs, cream and milk. And those ingredients contain carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and many mineral substances. Generally, those nutrients are beneficial to us, they are able to strengthen our bodies and supplement the nutrients that human body needs. However, you may never know that cake could relieve the tense feelings that happened physically. Lastly, cake is also a kind of food that can make your mouth water, it could not only satisfy your sense of vision, but also meet your sense of taste.

Recipe of chiffon cake


Eggs                        5

Salad oil              40g

Plain flour           85g

Sugar                 30g

Milk                    40g

Sugar                  55g


Prepare all the ingredients and separate the egg yolks and egg whites.


Beat egg yolks into the bowl, however, do not whisk.


Add 30g sugar into the bowl, and then pour in the salad oil and stir, next, add milk and stir, lastly, sift plain flour into the mixture.


Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice before whisking the egg whites; but if you don’t have lemon by your hand, it could be replaced by white vinegar.

lemon juice

Add 55g sugar per 3 times, and beat the egg whites until they form stiff peaks.


Add 1/3 egg whites into the egg yolk mixture, and blend with a cross trace but not stir in circle. After done, add 1/3 more egg whites into the egg yolks, and then, mix again. And at last, pour all the egg yolks into the egg whites, finally, stir them into the mold.

cake paste

Preheat the oven with 302 F degrees, and put the cake paste into the medium and lowest layer of the oven for about 50 minutes. After 50 minutes, take it out and upturn for cooling.


Analysis for the unsuccessful reasons of making chiffon cake

  1. The container of beating egg white must be steel-less, oil-less and water-less. It is because that the most flavor of chiffon cake comes from the egg white. So, this is a trick for a successful whisk.
  2. You can add a splash of warm water when mixing the egg yolk and sugar, because it could make the dissolution of sugar faster. But, mind that never use cold water, or else, bubbles would take shape when baking the cake.
  3. Can the salad oil be taken instead of butter? The answer is no. If you use butter, then the cake you made shall not be chiffon cake. Pay attention; do not choose vegetable oil that has a dense flavor, such as olive oil or peanut oil.
  4. Small lemon juice makes a big difference. The chiffon cake with no lemon juice would be a little smelly because of the egg. But, the chiffon cake with lemon juice is soft and cute.
  5. Better use plain flour, because high protein flour will shape lumps during the stirring.
  6. The reason why I use 1/3 egg whites to mix with egg yolks is because the egg whites are used to dilute egg yolks, and that will make the mix more evenly and the time less. Less time makes the cake volume bigger.
  7. The baking temperature and time is just for reference. An hour or so is a long time so I suggest no longer time of baking. You could check the cake is well done or not ahead of 10 minutes before done.