Banana Cake-Can You Distinguish It From A Real Banana?

Best ever banana cake with a banana appearance

People like banana very much because of its softness and sweetness, however, some people may feel boring by eating banana routinely. So, it’s important to make some changes, why can’t we spend some leisure time to learn a recipe of banana cake with a banana appearance? What’s more, that would finally be so interesting!


This is how it looks like after done!!! Cute? Haha…

banana cake

First of all, I would like to share with you some benefits and effects of banana.

  • Hypertension could be prevented and treated by eating banana; this is because banana is rich in potassium, which could discharge too much sodium in human body, thus it is able to lower the blood pressure.


  •  Increase the immune system and prevent cancer. The protein existed in banana is apt to stimulate the        differentiation of T cell, which seems like one of the reason for the prevention of cancer; furthermore, unlike other proteins which are more likely to be broken down, it is directly absorbed in stomach and intestine, that makes the efficacy of cancer prevention more effective.
  • Relieve constipation. Because of high in fiber, banana is helpful to stimulate the peristalsis of the stomach and intestine, at the same time increase the volume of excrement and urine, as a result, it makes the defecation easier. But pay attention that do not eat banana with your stomach empty.
  • Girls who like to eat banana before meals is prone to lose weight. You know what, the calorie of a banana is equal to half a bowl of rice, if you eat banana with other food of low calories, that means to say, it would be much better for better balance of your health while losing weight!
  • Controlling of blood pressure. That is because what we have just said before, the potassium in banana functions also to protect the artery walls and lower blood pressure.
  •  Banana is more or less able to partly relieve depression. There is overwhelming evidence to show that banana is able to help those people who suffer depression relieve from blue and bad emotions, and even get a happy mood. What’s more, banana could relieve some pains and scars now or then.


Now let’s together see how the recipe teaches us to make yummy banana cakes!!


Take the first step, let’s prepare the ingredients together.




For the filling of banana:


Banana       1

Milk         150ml

Sugar        30g

Egg          1

Corn starch    10g


For the cake base:


Egg          5

Milk         60ml

Butter        50g

Plain flour    70g

Soft sugar     45g


Now let’s see the procedures in detail.


(1)How to make the banana filling

  • Choose those bananas whose surfaces have brown speckles, which will make the flavor better.

egg and milk

  • 1 banana is about 100g or so. Furthermore, peel off the skins and make the fleshes into banana paste by fork.

banana paste

  • Add sugar into the banana paste (if you feel it’s too sweet, you can cut the sugar in half or according to your own will).

add sugar

  • Blend in egg and plain flour, and pour the milk in.

add plain flour

  • Sift the paste after stirring thoroughly. After that, use a spoon to extrude when sifting, which makes the banana paste more exquisite.


  • Prepare a boiler, and then pour the liquid into the boiler and heat, next, stir the liquid until sticky. Pay attention not to be burned by the hot liquid sparks. Cool the banana filling for use.



(2)How to make the cake base

  1. Take out 4 eggs, separate all the egg yolks and egg whites. Fill them respectively into two bowls. Beat the left only one egg into the egg yolk bowl, and then add milk and stir.
  2. Heat the butter to 80 percent, sift the plain flour into the butter and blend.
  3. Add egg yolks into the hot mixture and stir.
  4. Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into the egg whites, pour in sugar per several times, use an electric egg beater to beater the mixture until fluffy.
  5. Fold the egg whites and egg yolk mixture evenly, pour the mixture into a pan which a silver paper has been laid on. Put the pan into the oven for 40 minutes with 320 F degrees.
  6. Cut the banana cake into 4 pieces.

cake base     7. And crosscut the 4 cake pieces into 8 pieces from the center of the cake.

cake pieces     8.Lay a plastic wrap in the bottom, and top it with a cake piece, after then, squeeze the banana filling to the             position of one third.

banana filling      9.Wrap the two ends of the cake, and keep them in cold storage for another 30 minutes.

cold storage
10. Cut the banana cake into two, and the smell of the banana is instantly noted when you take every breath.


banana cake yummyyummy banana cake


(3)Conclusion for banana cake recipe

Now can you distinguish the banana cakes from real bananas? Hahaha… Banana is good for everyone, so eat banana properly would help you establish a good and fit body! This banana cake is yummy to enjoy, thus you have no trouble in abosorbing the high nutrition in banana to fufill your appetite. More and more people from now and then are adovacting a balanaced diet, and therefore I think banana is one of a food ingredient you shall never miss for strengthening your body. All in all, enjoy your labor fruit of banana cake! More or less you are unable to resist the flavor of the banana cake. Finally, enjoy your day!