Baking cupcakes in advance?

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I ' m making cupcakes for my bro ' s wedding event this coming Saturday. Issue is that it ' s in Wales and we ' re taking a trip there on the Friday early morning. Would certainly it be okay to cook the cakes Wednesday night and ice them Thursday night? I will have the ability to cool them when in Wales, should i likewise cool them Wednesday un-iced and Thursday cold?

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Baking cakes on wednesday night for saturday must be great. They will certainly not be remarkably fresh however they will certainly still be pleasurable, as cupcakes wear ' t begin mosting likely to dry/stale for atleast a week. In order to increase quality you must maintain them in an impermeable container and preferably, do not place them in the refrigerator as this will certainly dry them out (unless you ' re utilizing buttercream topping and so on that have to enter the refrigerator).

Hope this assists and appreciate the wedding event!


— I concur with Gracie. May be OKAY for a large cake, however cupcakes are so little, they dry quick.

Could you cook them on Thursday mid-day and freeze them over night, after that ice them when you reach Wales?
Cooling them will certainly dry them out much more.

— I would certainly prepare them on thursday and ice them the very same day, when they are cold they will certainly remain fresh as long as the sponge is compleatly covered, wear ' t placed them in the refrigerator as the topping will certainly sweat, simply maintain them in a trendy area, they will certainly be great.

— I constantly freeze my cupcakes when i bake them, if you froze them when you make them after that take them to your inconveniences wedding event they could thaw en route, after that ice them when you arrive (compose the icing prior to go and maintain in a trendy box)

in this way they are assured to remain fresh and moist and much less problem to transportation

— Tbh, i wouldnt danger it. If you have time and there is much less opportunity of traveling damages and them going stagnant, it could be a much better concept to cook them down in wales. If you could simply to maintain them fresher for a little bit much longer, attempt to make them thursday.

– Graciexx