Baked Honey Bread Sustains Your Daily Nutrition

Since I have found that so many recipes of making honey bread online are less operational, and the result is that I ate so many failure items that look like neither bread nor steamed bread. so, I decide to write a recipe for how to bake honey bread all by yourself. What is more, I think that you are clever that me, right? thus, today I brought the baked honey bread for you, a kind of popular dessert.

Efficacies of the honey bread

Of the bread. Bread contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, small amount of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and so on. As it knowns to all, the bread diversifies with different flavors, and at the same time, it is easier to be absorbed and digested by our human body. So indeed, it is a popular food in people’s daily life for its nutrition and convenience.

Of the honey. On one hand, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thought that honey has the functions of nourishing our body to a balanced status. Further more, it is thought that it can be worked as a medicine to moisten lung and tonify kidney, also it has another efficacy of detoxification. So that honey is commonly used as relieving cough, intestinal dry and constipation, mouth sores, fire burns and pains of stomach, liver and spleen.

On the other hand, honey is rich in fructose, glucose, enzymes, proteins, vitamins and variety of minerals. So, Eat honey frequently is available for preventing anemia, heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, and etc. Further still, honey is able to improve the immune system of our human body.

Recipe for making baked honey bread


High protein flour             260g

Low protein flour              115g

Honey                                 55g

Yeast                                   4g

Sugar                                  35g

Salt                                       4g

Milk                                    150g

Egg liquid                            65g

Butter                                 25g

Honey                            1 tea spoon

Olive oil                         1 tea spoon

Water                             moderate


Knead dough. First, blend yeast, milk, egg liquid, sugar, salt and honey evenly.

Second, pour in high protein flour and low protein flour, and next, knead dough smoothly.

Third, add in softened butter, and keep kneading until expanded.

Fourth, knead it into a round one and put it into a container.

Fifth, ferment the dough 2 times bigger than before. Next, use one of you finger to dig a hole, if it stays the                     same for quite a long time, and it means it is okay.

knead dough

Ferment. First, pick out the dough and exhaust the extra air.

Second, separate the big dough into several ones.

Third, roll them up into round balls,

Fourth, ferment for 15 minutes.


Roll up. First, roll up the little dough into long ones, and then flat them.nd,

Second, roll the dough thin respectively from the two edges.

Third, when it comes to this step, we can make many different changes. For example, add red bean paste.                      Or, add sausages and turn them into hot dogs. See the pictures below.

red bean paste


hot dogs

Make breads. First, roll up the long dough and tighten the hole.

Second, cut it into two halves from the centre; put it upside down on the oven which was previously                                brushed a layer of oil. By this way, the bread we make can be as crispy as crust.

make bread

Ferment again. Ferment the dough into 2 times bigger than before the last time.

ferment again

Mix. Mix honey, olive oil and water evenly into honey water.

honey water

Bake & Honey water. First, put the dough into the oven and heat the oven into 338 F degrees.

Second, bake after the dough is golden and brown.

Third, take them out and brush them evenly with honey water.


Bake again. After brushing honey water, bake it again for 15 minutes.

bake again


The flavor of the baked honey bread is not only a little sweet but also fragrant. So, where does the fragrant comes from? It comes from the ingredients of the bread, the fragrant would be quite dense particularly after baking.

I think that it is a little difficult to bake bread, or else, the flavor would be disgusting. However, my baked honey bread is delicious after done. Whatever, you can bake a plate of yummy honey bread two if only you make it patiently and carefully, but, don’t forget to follow our website for dessert recipes! Why? Because you can find a large amount of good recipes to be shared here on how to make good desserts all by yourself. After all, we took references of others tested all the recipes ourselves and made our own unique ones. Any way, it is a good place to learn how to make unique dessert different from the others.