Are Girl Scout Cookies really that good?

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Are Girl Scout Cookies actually that excellent?



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No. They sustain an excellent reason, however placed them against an Oreo and even a Keebler ' s delicious chocolate chip cookie and they shed on preference, cost and worth. Once again, they sustain an excellent reason. I have actually bought 4 boxes thus far.


— Oh, dear Lord, those Girl Scout Cookies are so definitely terrible and revolting for the Girl Scouts have actually made the when innocent cookies so repellent and base of the wonderful sugary stroke.

— No I like home made soft Cookies

— No … it ' s the woman precursors … you need to sustain those children. The cookies are terrible.

— Not any longer. They made them healthy and balanced and they shed their excellent preference. When I want individuals would certainly simply leave something that tastes excellent alone, simply. like McDonalds french fries. They made use of to be to crave now they taste like chemicals.

— They appear to be. Possibly it ' s psychological, or perhaps because they ' re not year-round they have much less chemicals so they taste far better?

These are assumptions.

— Personally I put on ' t like them in any way. I ' m in the minority tho. Plus they ' re sooo pricey!

— They taste excellent however they are tied with chemicals and toxic substances, the components are not wholesome. Slim mints are fairly scrumptious though

— I like it

— directly i put on ' t like them in any way … i ' m in the minority tho … plus they ' re sooo pricey!