Are biscotti cookies good?

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Are biscotti cookies great?



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— I would certainly ' nt call them a cookie, they are a little bit as well hard, yet I mean dipped in coffee they 'd be alright.

— I ' ve never ever had one due to the fact that they put on ' t appearance appetising,

— Comes down to individual choice so best you could do is example the selection of biscotti on the marketplace and choose on your own.

— With cozy beverage

— Not on their own, in my point of view. Like has actually currently been mentioned, they are indicated to be soaked in coffee, so aiming to consume a completely dry one is, well … completely dry. They ' re additionally usually not incredibly wonderful, so there ' s very little there to obtain a sugar yearning repair from.

— No they ' re incredibly gay

— Yes, they are particularly with a tiny glass of vin Santo

— they ' re completely dry yet indicated to be soaked in the coffee

— Along with a Cappucino, they ' re scrumptious.

If you like them,

— They could be.

“” Good”” is subjective. Sort of like somebody asking “” Can you suggest an excellent motion picture?””