American "all purpose" flour vs. European "strong" flour: which is better for cinnamon rolls?

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American “” all objective”” flour vs. European “” solid”” flour: which is much better for cinnamon rolls?
I matured in the United States and we utilized all objective flour for whatever. Currently I reside in S. Europe and I discover the cake flour marketed below creates cakes that are instead completely dry. I intend to make cinnamon rolls; should I attempt utilizing “” solid”” flour, given that they consist of yeast?



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All objective flour coincides as ' simple flour '. Its utilized for biscuits and cakes and so on

Cake flour is extremely carefully grated and is utilized for sponge cakes etc – where you require a light appearance

STRONG flour is a little various and is utilized for breads/ yeast centered dough – to ensure that is exactly what you should make use of


— Which nation are you in if you put on ' t mind revealing that details? Some components of Europe categorise wheat flours by gluten while others like France categorize flour by potash material so to approximately identify which is best for your dish you must pass the healthy protein material of the flour. You could possibly discover a close suit to AP however could need to tweak the dish a little bit.

One more point to remember is that European butters have a greater fat material compared to United States butter (unless you constantly went shopping artisanal butter). Basically that suggests that the butter is including much less fluid to the dough compared to the initial dish asked for.

And an additional point, did you bring your very own measuring mugs with you? One of the most commonly offered gauging mugs throughout Europe are based upon 250 ml like the Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders. A present United States mug is 240 ml though older dishes require a 237 ml mug. You could see just how promptly the proportions could obtain manipulated in a huge set of anything, particularly if you ' re considering butter due to the fact that you could ' t sufficed right into tbsps.

Still a lot more, are you considering the eggs you make use of? A huge United States egg considers 57 g in the covering. This is the matching of a UK tool egg (an unusual circumstances were the UK is larger). Central Europe is a lot more in accordance with the United States. I ' m not exactly sure regarding southerly Europe as I ' ve never ever baked a cake there. Occasionally also deducting a white or a yolk or including an additional egg yolk could make all the distinction.

I put on ' t like utilizing solid flour in pleasant yeasted breads, however that ' s an individual choice. Unless entrusted to cool increase I believe it makes buns go hard much faster. Once more, simply point of view. Not point of view however is that if you do make use of solid flour in a dish asking for AP you will certainly require a lot more fluid or much less flour the very least whatever you ' re making be extremely difficult and completely dry. You ' ll should pay very close attention to the appearance of the dough as you make it.

Take great deals of notes as you cook and fine-tune your dishes and you will certainly wind up with a variation that deals with regional components.

— Yes. Solid flour is for breads. It ' s great for cinnamon rolls. I constantly make mine with bread flour. (They could prepare quicker as well.) BTW, sponge cakes are made to be completely dry, it ' s not the cake flour.

— solid flour, I think resembles our bread flour; greater gluten material.
I wouldn ' t believe the solid flour currently included yeast.

— I would certainly, yes.
Never ever seen cake flour in Europe!