When Amaretto Encounters Dessert, Coffee And Cocktail

The name of Amaretto originates from the Italian word “Amaro”, which means “bitter” in English, and the literal meaning of Amaretto is “a little bitter”. Actually, it is a sort of sweet wine that is made of almond and apricot. So, the Amaretto wine has a dense flavor of almond which adds itself a unique fragrance. What else, the alcohol content of it is between 24% and 28%.

Amaretto plays naturally a beneficial role in helping digestion, so it is better to drink after meals. The reason lies exactly in the sweetness of the wine; therefore it is mainly used as part of the ingredients in making desserts; such as Tiramisu, ice cream, pudding and fruit salad. Also, it is used in making cocktail, iced juice and varieties of drinks.

I’ve tried many ways to make several desserts and drinks with it as one of the ingredients in the past week, and discovered that it worked well in my recipes. So I want to share all of them with you right there based on my own experiences.


Making desserts with Amaretto

Ⅰ Amaretto Tart Recipe


Almond cookies (use wheat powder as the main ingredients)   250g

Melted butter             100g

 Whole milk              250ml

White marshmallow        200g

Liquid instant black coffee   15ml

liqueur amaretto               2 tablespoons

Double cream             150ml

Almonds                 pinches

 Black chocolate            50g


  1. Preheat the oven to 338 F degrees (302 F degrees if having a fan). And brush a layer of oil on the tart mold for later use.
  2. Package the almond cookies in a bag and crash them with a rolling pin. Next, pour in the melted butter and stir well. And then spoon the mixture into the tart mold per several times with adequate weight each time. Do remember add the mixture properly each time, firstly, press the bottom of the tart mold, and then flat it with a scraper to make sure that the bottom of the mold is not only thin but also seamless. Then, slowly press the edge of the mold and push it with the second finger joints of your hands. Until the mold is filled with a layer of thin cookie – butter mixture with edges flat and no cracks, it is done.
  3. Bake it into the oven for 5 minutes and take it out for cooling.
  4. At the same time during the cooling, and then, blend the milk and marshmallow and heat them with medium fire and stir continuously until it is utterly melted.
  5. Remove the fire and let it cool naturally. And then fold in coffee and liqueur amaretto, next, add in heavy cream and beat the mixture with electric or manual beater until it is dense enough.
  6. Pour the cream mixture into the well-baked tart mold. Do not pour too much; it is most appropriate of 2mm from under the edge of the tart. Place them into the fridge for more than 2 hours until the cream mixture is clotted.
  7. Take the tart out from the fridge and demold, top them with almond slices and chocolate jam.

Amaretto tart

Ⅱ Amaretti Recipe

As other Italian dessert, Amaretti has a tiny and ordinary shape which displays a casual feeling that brings a little bitter flavor in its sweetness. It is another dessert made of Amaretto.


Almond powder         300g

Liqueur amaretto              30ml

Sugar                 300g

Egg whites           100g / 3

Sugar powder          pinches


  1. First and formost, mix the almond powder and sugar into a bowl. And beat egg whites until still peaks form. Add almond powder per several times and stir well. Next, drop amaretto liqueur and gently blend the mixture until smooth.
  2. Then, package the almond mixture into the piping bag and squeeze out even circular piles and prepare them into the pan. During the baking, the cookies would get expand, so that between every cookie there should be 2cm distances left for the space of releasing.
  3. Last but not the least, preheat the oven to 300 F degrees and bake for 25 minutes until it is golden and brown. Sprinkle the sugar powder on the cookies when they are hot, let it cool for some moment and remove the pan from the oven.


Ⅲ Traditional Tiramisu Recipe ( 6 servings)


Eggs              3

Sugar            75g

Liqueur amaretto         50ml

Mascarpone       500g

Black coffee       250ml

Ladyfingers        250g

Raw cacao        pinches


  1. Boil the black coffee and place it aside and stay warm for later use. At the other side, peparate the egg yolks and egg whites of the 3 eggs, and leave only the egg whites, and then pour the egg whites in a bigger container.
  2. Add all of the sugar and a half liqueur amaretto (about 25ml) and beat them with an electric beater evenly. And then, add in 500g mascarpone and stir well until it is sticky.
  3. Mix the remaining half Amaretto (25ml) into the boiled coffee. Then, place the ladyfingers on the molds. Next, brush the ladyfingers back and forth with Amaretto and coffee liquid. And this is an important step to make sure that the ladyfingers are able to absorb enough Amaretto and coffee liquid, however, not too much, or else the ladyfingers would turn into mashes. Nevertherless, pay attention to let it sit for overnight, the ladyfingers would absorb the coffee themselves.
  4. Pour the cream on the ladyfingers with proper thickness, or else it would be too greasy. Next, place another layer of ladyfingers and brush them with coffee and cream. It can be inferred that the number of layers for ladyfingers and cream are decided by your own container, however, 2 layers is a least. Last, sprinkle the cocoa powder and cover the lid and preserve for a whole day.

Making coffee with Amaretto

Ⅳ Iced Amaretto Coffee Drink


Espresso         1.5 ounces

Liqueur amaretto   2/3 ounces

Sugar water        1/3 ounces

Iced fresh milk     5 ounces

Ice cubes          80% of water

Foaming cream     pinches

Almond slices      pinches


  1. Firstly, extract 1.5 oz espresso from 14g Italian coffee powder and cool them over ice cubes for later use.
  2. Secondly, measure two thirds oz amaretto liqueur and blend it with sugar water and espresso in a bottle and stir well.
  3. Thirdly, put the ice cubes into the bottle to 80 percent full. And then, inject iced fresh milk into the bottle.
  4. Fourthly, squeeze the foaming cream on the coffee and sprinkle it with pinches of almond powder for decoration.

Iced Amaretto Coffee

Ⅴ Amaretto Café Mocha Drink


Espresso                1 oz

Amaretto               1/2 oz

Mocha drinking powder    20g

Sugar water              1/4 oz

Hot milk                6 oz

Foaming cream           pinches

Crispy almond slices       pinches


  1. Firstly, extract 1 oz espresso from 7g Italian coffee powder for later use.
  2. And next put the hot milk, mocha drinking powder and sugar water into a foam steel cup, heat them to 149 F degrees using the steam pipe of a coffee machine and stir well.
  3. And then, pour the almond liqueur into a glass, and then pour in fresh milk and stir well, pay attention to use a spoon to block the milk froth from overflowing.
  4. Next, inject the espresso slowing from the wall of the glass with the back of a spoon.
  5. Last, spoon the foaming cream onto the coffee and sprinkle pinches of crispy almond slices for decoration.

Ⅵ Almond Amaretto Coffee Drink


Slightly deep roasted coffee          150ml

Almond essence                   2 – 3 drops

Amaretto                         15ml

Mixed cream                      20ml

Ripe almonds                     5 pieces


Pour the cup with almond essence, almond liqueur, and then inject with coffee, next, top with mixed cream and several pieces of almonds.

Ⅶ Café Amaretto Drink


Amaretto          3 /4 oz

Hot black coffee     5 oz

Cream             1 oz

Sugar             1 teaspoon


Pour in hot coffee and Amaretto in a Ireland coffee cup, squeeze out cream onto it and top it with 3 coffee bean.

Making cocktails with Amaretto

Ⅷ Triple Chocolate Amaretto Hot Cocoa Drink


Milk                       4 cups

Cocoa powder with no sugar    1/4 cups

White sugar                  1/4 cups

Vanilla powder                1/4 teaspoon

Salt                        1/8 teaspoon

Almond liqueur                    3/4 cups

Chocolate cream              pinches


  1. First, heat 1 cup of milk with low fire, and blend in 1/4 cups of cocoa powder with no sugar, 1/4 cups of white sugar, 1/8 teaspoon of salt and stir well until dissolved, and then keep heating with the remaining 3 cups of milk, 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla powder and 3/4 cups of amaretto liqueur added in.
  2. Second, beat 1 tablespoon cocoa powder and several tablespoons of cream with a spoon until smooth. And then add milk and sugar, mix them with a high speed blender for 2 to 3 minutes and keep it in cold storage for later use.
  3. Third, pour the hot chocolate into the cup, top it with chocolate cream with a spoon and last sprinkle it with chocolate powder, almond slices and shredded coconut.

Ⅸ Amaretto Sour Drink


Amaretto          1.5 oz

Syrup             1/2 oz

Fresh lemon juice    1 oz


  1. Firstly, put half of the shaker with ice cubes, and then add all of the ingredients and shake until frosting at the outside.
  2. Lastly, filter the cocktail into the chilled sour wine cup and top it with red cherries.

Amaretto Sour

Ⅹ Amaretto and Cream Cocktail Drink


Amaretto      1 oz

Light cream   3/4 oz


  1. First of all, pour the wine cup with Amaretto.
  2. And then, pour in light cream along with the back of the spoon which has been placed steadily in the cup, and let the light cream float over the Amaretto.

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