8 tips to learn how to make red jujube cake

Red jujube cake is originally one of the first and foremost pastries that only served in the imperial palace of Qing Dynasty. And is also one of the ten pastries for the Chinese Feast. Historically it has over 2 hundred years’ records for now. Red jujube cake is dubbed with high nutrition and good flavor. The smell of dense and sweet flavor of the cake will sneak into your nose and make you thinking about it all the time until you finally have a bite.

Today I would like to introduce you with the recipe of how to make red jujube cake on your own.

Firstly, I will inform you humbly with the nutritional efficacies of this kind of cake.

Efficacies of red jujube cake

  1. Human immunity will straightforwardly be improved by absorbing jujube; cancer cells can be inhibited also; what plays in the same important place is that red jujube works to the production of white blood cells and reduces serum cholesterol, so as to boost the increase of serum albumin and protect the liver; in red jujube it contains materials which could inhibit or even transform cancer cells into normal ones.
  2. People with regular consumption of fresh red jujube are rarely affected by gallstones; this is because fresh jujubes are rich in vitamin C.
  3. High contains of calcium and iron in red jujube function as an important role in the prevention of osteoporosis and the treatment of postpartum anemia; proportionally the elderly with osteoporosis in their menopausal period and women with anemia, also the youths in their peak of growth are prone to get anemia, therefore red jujube sits in the first place of their ideal diet in food treatment, which is unable to be compared with by drugs on its efficacies.
  4. It has a beneficial tonic for people of body weakness after illness.
  5. A material called Rutin in red jujube is one of a kind which leads to soften blood vessels, then further to drop blood pressure, and that is to say it has good effects on the prevention and control of hypertension.
  6. Red jujube is allergy, deodorant of fishy and weird odor, calm for your nerves, brain-improving and appetite-enhancing.

Recipe for red jujube cake


Dried red jujubes   100g

Eggs             4

Plain flour        100g

Soft sugar         20g

Brown sugar       20g

Cooking oil        60g


  1. Steamed red jujube

Soak dried red jujubes in clean water for two hours, and then remove the cores, steam for 30 minutes in the boiler for softening.

Dried red jujube

  1. Stirring

Stir the red jujube in the bowel of an electric mixer into paste.

Red jujube paste

  1. Mix

Separate the egg yolk and egg white of the 4 eggs. Add brown sugar, cooking oil into the egg yolks, blend promptly to its uttermost combination, and then stir in red jujube paste, keep stirring until evenly.

Egg yolk liquid

  1. Join the plain flour

Add sifted plain flour into the egg yolk liquid, keep fast mixing clockwise, fold in soft sugar until sticky.

Egg yolk-plain flour liquid

  1. Beat one spoon of soft sugar and egg white clockwise until creamy and fluffy, (note that no water in the container and no mix of egg yolk in egg white), two drops of vinegar is optional for easier to beat. Add one spoon of soft sugar when beat thoroughly at this degree.( see the picture below)


You can stop beating when you feel yours is similar to the picture below. (There is a trick for everyone: stick in a toothpick on the item, if the toothpick stands straight, then it means okay).


  1. Bake

Blend egg white three times into the egg yolk-red jujube paste liquid, fold back and forth, mention that to stir in circle is not allowed here, after that pour the liquid into a pan, make sure the pan was brushed with a layer of oil before. Pre-heat the oven for 356 F degrees, and then put the pan into the oven for 35 minutes until its golden and brown on its surface. If you don’t have an oven, a rice cooker can take instead.

into a pan

  1. Cutting

Put it in cold place for cooling after done, and then cut it into pieces for eating.

cake pieces

  1. Enjoy

Red jujube cake is a nice choice for breakfast, dessert after lunch and midnight snacks.

Red jujube cake


Red jujube tastes sweet and fragrant, it melts in your mouth instantly and there is nothing greasy at all.