3 Simple But Attractive Hostess Cupcake Recipes For Hostesses

Today I would like to talk about my new-made favorite hostess cupcake recipes. In the present baking ring, Europe and the United States, cupcake is a super popular dessert. It seems to be from the “Sex and the City” drama where the female character took them on the screen that triggered a tidal current heat. Because of the compact and easy to decorate features, cupcake made from hostess cupcake recipes is the commonly seem dessert served on lots of important celebrations and parties. Therefore, if you are a hostess and a party or ceremony is held in your house, it is best if you serve your guests with beautiful and delicious cupcakes all made your own. The trouble of cutting the cake has become no trouble again for easier taste. Although small, the gathered cupcake tower is quite shaking!

3 Simple But Attractive Hostess Cupcake Recipes For Hostesses

Cupcakes vary in categories. Almost all of the baked cake can be produced in the cup paper mold. Such as chiffon, sponge cake and pound cake. However, the frequently used is pound cake; add some nuts or dried fruit in the batter will make out different flavors of the hostess cupcake.

Pound cake is a kind of cake named after weight. It has a very long history in Europe. The original pound cake was made with a pound of sugar, a pound of butter, a pound of eggs and a pound of flour (A pound is equal to about 454 grams). So the cake is named pound cake. I believe that you are shocked by the amount of oil. However, do not worry, because the pound cake nowadays is no longer such a simple proportion after spreading for so many years and a all sorts of adjustments. You will understand after taking references of several hostess cupcake recipes.

So, first of all, I would like to briefly introduce the ingredients that needed for making hostess cupcake with pound cake. The most important of all is the oil. According to different recipes, the oil could vary from butter or vegetable oil with no special flavor. Followed is the sugar, butter, flour and some savories and other additives for flavors. After seeing my hostess cupcake recipes, I believe you will find that the ingredients are so familiar. Aren’t they the main ingredients of making biscuits? In fact, the dessert world is not so mysterious as you might think. Same few ingredients with different proportions can achieve different results. Note that the proportion of eggs in cupcake is higher than that in biscuits. Plus it needs some more liquid, so that the output will be a littler more moist unlike the crispy biscuits.

The procedures of making cupcake are in much the same way as biscuits: soften butter at room temperature, add in portions of the eggs, and beat the eggs with sugar. Add the liquid and powder alternately; at last, add the dry ingredients and place them in a paper mold and finally bake in the oven. The procedure is very simple and casual that hostess can handle the hostess cupcake recipes so easily. So after more understanding of a few cupcake recipes you can be as creative as you want, such as add different dry ingredients in the batter in order to find you own small cupcakes. Of course, the ingredients shall not be too out of line, otherwise your guests might be scared and it will finally be a waste of ingredients.


As related to the cupcake decorations, the most popular is the fondant decoration. You can see a variety of cupcakes that look like real with the pictures on the web are basically made with fondant decoration. Because of its plasticity and rich colors, the fondant decoration is able to produce realistic style of cupcake. Whereas the simple cream decoration is also very good!

Here I recommend you my personal favorite hostess cupcake recipes. All of the taste is very good, and the ingredients are easy to get.

Hostess Cupcake Recipes

3 Simple But Attractive Hostess Cupcake Recipes For Hostesses

Rose Jams Cupcake

Main ingredients:  240g plain flour; 1.5 teaspoons baking powder; 140g butter; 30g sugar; 2 eggs,; 140g milk; pinch dried roses; 120g rose jams

Accessories: 20g white chocolate; 100g light cream


  1. Soften butter at room temperature and whisk slightly; then add sugar and beat evenly. Next, add eggs in portions and beat well.
  2. Heat milk and dried roses with low fire until boiling. And cover the lid to braise for a moment. Next, filter the rose pedals.
  3. Add powder and milk per several times, each time blend well.
  4. Finally, blend the mixture with rose jams well. Then, bake at 350 F degrees for 25 – 30 minutes.
  5. Heat white chocolate and light cream with low fire until melting. Then remove the fire and stir well. Next, let it cool at room temperature and add in the light cream and whisk well.

Review Of The Rose Jams Cupcake recipe

In my hostess cupcake recipes, I put the rose jams cupcake at first because I think the appearance of this cupcake is very attractive and beautiful. As a kind of hostess cupcake, the first impression is very important, because it would make your guests’ mouth water when seeing them at the first sight. Besides, the taste of the rose jam cupcake is so good as a party in your mouth, very amazing and lovely. So I think that it the first choice for serving your guests when holding a party or a ceremony at your house.

3 Simple But Attractive Hostess Cupcake Recipes For Hostesses

Carrot Cupcake

Ingredients: 340g all-purpose flour; 225g sugar; 33og shredded carrots; 1 teaspoon baking powder; half teaspoon cinnamon; 1 cup salad oil; 4 eggs


  1. Cleanse the carrots and cut off the top. And shred the carrots for about 3 cups. Mix flour, baking powder and cinnamon and sift for later use. Then, preheat the oven to 350 F degrees.
  2. Whisk 4 eggs in a large bowl until fluffy. Then, add sugar and keep stirring well. Next, add salad oil and blend well.
  3. Add powder in the batter, beat the batter with low speed for 10 seconds until completely combined.
  4. Add shredded carrots and scrape them well.
  5. Scoop the batter into the ice cream cup and place it on the pan. Then bake for 25 – 30 minutes until a toothpick inserted into the paste comes out clean. Set aside and frosting.

Review Of The Carrot Cupcake recipe

The carrot cupcake is also very beautiful with a good taste. I used cream cheese frosting with a flavor of lemon, plus some dried raspberries. So, the flavor of the carrot cupcake is very colorful just like the fireworks blowing in the sky. You held a party in your house and the carrot cupcake is just like the fireworks that are so beautiful with taste.

3 Simple But Attractive Hostess Cupcake Recipes For Hostesses

Matcha Chestnut Cupcake

Main ingredients: 100g plain flour; 1 teaspoon baking powder; 2 teaspoons matcha powder; 70g butter; 30ml milk; 2 tablespoons yogurt; 40g sugar; pinch salt; 1 egg; pinch boiled chestnuts

Accessories: pinch fresh cream; pinch matcha powder; pinch chestnuts


  1. Soften butter and add sugar, then beat until the color turns to paler.
  2. Add in beaten eggs per several times with each time stirring well.
  3. Add 1/3 sifted powder and stir well. Then, add half milk and yogurt and blend well. Next, add 1/3 powder and half remaining liquid. Finally add the remaining powder and blend evenly.
  4. Mix in diced chestnuts. Bake at 350 F degrees for about 30 minutes.
  5. Decorate fresh cream with matcha powder in. then, sprinkle some matcha powder and top it with a complete chestnut.

Review Of Matcha Chestnut Cupcake Recipe

If you like eating chestnuts and cake, then the combination of the two is really a great idea for satisfying your appetite. Creamy but not greasy, this kind of matcha chestnut cupcake brings you a refreshing taste in your mouth. Yes, it’s the matcha that takes your taste bud a brand new fresh cake journey around the world. Apparently, it is on the last one of the hostess cupcake recipes, but as you may know that the last is not the least, the cupcake with matcha flavor could really take you fly as far as you want in the dessert world.

Conclusion Of Hostess Cupcake Recipes

The cupcakes are becoming more popular. When you read this article, it is possible that you are already a popular cupcake fan. At now, a large variety of unique, colorful and tastes changing cupcakes appear in various parts of the world. The cupcakes are often chosen as the dessert on birthday parties and anniversaries. The size of a cupcake is just for one person, you do not worry to share with others or too big to eat. A cupcake is suitable for enjoying personally and slowly.

All kinds of color and taste cupcakes are served on the party reception desk, looking very spectacular. The attention of your guests would instantly be attracted. The sweet taste of hostess cupcake recipes makes the mood of your guests become more pleasant while during the enjoying moment. The reason of why cupcake made with hostess cupcake recipes is so popular is as simple as the cupcake. It is because the cupcakes are delicious and cheap as well, and you can still enjoy them even if you are living on a shoestring for  a quite long time.

This hostess cupcake recipes will help every hostess make out beautiful and delicious cupcakes with colorful and attractive appearances! I strongly trust that you will definitely get into the essence of the hostess cupcake recipes and maybe you can create your own and unique cupcakes followed by your personal hostess cupcake recipes! Good luck for every hostess who loves baking!