“When one feels sad, let him or her eat dessert!”

Desserts ease your nerves, comfort your bad mood.

Dessert has an important status in people’s life that can make us obtain the feeling of happiness. The charming of little puff attracts kids and youths, for its cute appearance and tasteful mouthfeel, no one can resist the lure of the puff pastry!

Maybe you have heard Eclair earlier, or you might have tasted the wonderful pastry before, but do you know how comes its name? Or how to make it?On account of its nice flavor, people polish off puffs like a flash of lightning, so it’s called Eclair.

The traditional french Eclair has a long body, not round like ball, full of french romantic atmosphere. There is a saying that “Never say you’ve eaten puff if you haven’t eat Eclair!” Loose crackling along with the thick chocolate melt in your mouth, yummy!



250ml water, 100gr butter, 4gr salt, 129gr sugar, 180gr flour, 4 eggs, 500ml milk, 1 vanilla, 4 egg yolks, 30gr custard powder, chocolate cream
1. 250ml water, 100gr butter, 4gr salt, 4gr sugar into a pot, bring to boil with a moderate heat, remove the heat. Add 150gr flour warm again, stirring without stop, until it’s not sticky to the pot wall. Remove the fire and add eggs one by one(mix well and add the next egg)
2.Put the mixture into the pastry bag, squeeze out the long shape, about 8-10cm x 1.5cm, according to your ovenware’s size, not too large or the holding power is insufficient
3.Scratch lightly on the surface with a fork, put it into the preheated oven. Home use oven bake with 428F-464F, wait after it expands, turn the heat into 338F, baking 30 minutes
4.Beat 500ml milk, vanilla, 4 egg yolks and 125gr sugar together, add custard powder and mix well, 40gr flour into it, stir. Then put it into the pastry bag, freeze for use
5.Take out the puff from the oven, cooling
6.Dig two holes at the back of the puff, add the filling pre-prepared
7.Brush the chocolate cream on the surface of the puff

1.Make sure to add the eggs one by one while removing the fire, or the shell won’t be crispy
2.Do NOT open the oven in the baking course, or the puff won’t be expanded well
3.The filling can be replaced with coffee or chocolate essence

And there you have it, appetizing Eclair! Don’t ever be timid to try it yourself, cause you can do it well like me! Generally, making dessert will be a pleasant enjoyment if you don’t treat the result seriously, haha! Get the ingredients right now and start making Eclair if you don’t have anybody to make it only for you!