What dessert do you recommend after my dinner at the restaurant tonight? Having pasta for the entree at the Italian restaurant.?

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What treat do you suggest after my supper at the dining establishment tonight? Having pasta for the meal at the Italian dining establishment.?
Chocolate cake



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— gelato

— Zabaglione, its a mousse like treat made with wonderful Vin Santo wine, occasionally offered with amaretto biscuits.
You can attempt Biscotti, crisp two times baked fruit/nut biscuits, offered with wine or coffee.

— delicious chocolate cake.

— I second – Tiramisu

— Zabignoni is an excellent treat in an Italian dining establishment. Were the dining establishment to offer lamb shank as a main dish, I 'd order it since it ' s excellent if the lamb shank has actually been prepared for a long period of time and diminishes the bone when reduced right into with a fork.

— Tiramisu