Gift Idea : Buy Helene Dujardin book

The book titled Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography & Styling by Helene Dujardin is one for foodies everywhere. It is a book like no other and it captures the beauty of food in a way I have never seen before.

Food photography is steadily on the rise, it shows that food can look good as well as taste good. This book will teach you all the different tips and tricks to making your food look wonderful. It will make you a better food photographer, as well as showing off some amazing examples of the authors own work.

The style and the tone of the book is written wonderfully and it is very easy to keep up with and understand. It has invaluable interesting information on photography and the pictures themselves look simply exquisite. So much so, that you might be tempted to eat the pages. Helene Dujardin is an amazing photographer which is really shown at its best in this book.

This is a must buy for lovers of photography, lovers of food and lovers of the both put together.

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